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online training for safe handling and packing of CTUs


Functional course content and structure

CTUpack e-learning follows the well established and tested format used in the current range of Exis e-learning products.   Students take the courses at their own pace or within a set timeframe and can monitor their own progress as they proceed.

Course components

Learn - tutorial screens in the course elements use text, graphics and animation

View references - browse internet sources or cross reference material

Test understanding - there is a test of the student's understanding of the content with multiple-choice and graphic-based questions

Course completion certificate - element test scores build towards a final Course Completion Certificate score

Course completion certificate

The course completion certificate records the final score achieved through all the element tests.  There is a default pass mark that can be re-set by corporate course administrators.

Flexible delivery options

Web administrator system for national, regional or global training programs.  Provides administrator management of active courses including course configuration for job functions, setting pass marks and timeframes for completion and progress monitoring.  Company-specific training elements can be incorporated.

Takes into account industry standards

Courses are aligned with the Code of Practice for the Packing of CTUs and industry standards.